Oh But You Should
Oh But You Should. I hear this one a lot lately Oh but you should do this,or you should do that. What dose it mean? What dose should really mean? Is it that i should behave how you would like me to? Or look how you want me to? Or should live life how you… (0 comment)

Some Observations Of Mine Today.
Some Observations Of Mine Today. Just sitting in the sunshine,relaxing, observing and watching the day go by. I feel the wind on my skin and the air moving deeply in and out of my perfect lungs. I am so happy and  grateful to be alive. In this moment i am free. There is a bush moving… (0 comment)

There Are Many Masks We Hide Behind.
There Are Many Masks We Hide Behind. So many people have an array of different masks that they wear daily. Why? What is the reason for this? Fear? Yes i would say so. The fear you will not like me because i am different to you. The fear that i will not say the right… (0 comment)

Night Time Is A Beautiful Time
Night time is a beautiful time as i sit i hear the echo of a car horn in the distance.Then it becomes quite again,then i hear the humming of our fridge then it too settles down and there is quietness. A car passes the sound of it too fades as it travels on to its destination.… (0 comment)

Passing Judgement
Oh My God haven’t you heard about what happened to _____I am telling you it was crazy you should have seen them.Look at her she hasn’t got a clue, if that was me well i mean id just_____.I cant believe he would do something like that, now that is something we would never do isn’t… (0 comment)

In The Silence Of The Night
The thoughts that stream my consciousness at 03.27 In the silence of the night there is a quite assurance of safety a deep communion with The Source Within.It is there that it resides and dose so from birth to death with every one who walks this earth and It will continue to do so with… (0 comment)

The Breath
Sit still they say, I have heard many times over the years.Watch your breath, observe it let it quieten your mind,yes this works absolutely when done correctly and is great for those moments.What also works is when feeling hurried,angered or stressed out with someone.Is to in that moment try to observe the others breath. Watch the… (0 comment)