Keep Taking Notes
There is a lot you can learn from other people do not just rely upon your self,and read,read,read,read and then read some more.Watch every single you tube video you can on the subject you are interested in or any video anywhere that will help you learn about the next bit of information you need.This will… (0 comment)

Just Be Nice Its Not That Hard.
Just Be Nice Its Not That Hard. So today i was thinking. It really costs me nothing to be nice. It may require some effort and strength on my part, However it will be worth every ounce of it in the end. The people i am nice to today will possibly feel better. I myself… (0 comment)

Doing Things On Your Own
I have come across a few situations recently where people have told me about things they were afraid to do alone,or places they might not want to go to and it got me thinking.Why is that? I mean these people were actually paralyzed to the point of not actually doing what they really would like… (0 comment)

But They Said
They said, but who the fuck are they to say?They do not have a say in any of your affairs if you are spiritually fit, spiritually led and moving from a place that is fucking concrete and i am talking about a solid foundation, then they whoever the fuck they are do not exist for… (0 comment)

The Power Of Ideas
Sit down get a cup of Coffee or whatever you like to drink and then start thinking let you imagination run wild because that at the end of the day is where it is really at, everything starts in the mind. Look around you at anything you can see right now the table you are… (0 comment)

Learn Something New Every Day
We all learn something new every day,but the trick i find to overcoming laziness and procrastination is to actually push myself to learn different things everyday not just wait for them to happen. For example i usually fight the feelings of not wanting to do something with a motivational quote to myself,or some profanity will… (0 comment)

Stop Throwing Fucking Tantrums
Look in the mirror are you 4 years old?If you are then ok it might be a good idea to stop reading  but im guessing if your reading this that you are not four years old and that you are over the age of throwing fucking tantrums now get over it shit happens and will… (0 comment)

Never Give Up No Matter What
Do not give up ever and i really mean NEVER. If you want something bad enough you will get it.This may take time and most definitely sacrifice but you will get it. With enough perseverance,visualization,a set goal and fucking hard work you will achieve whatever you set out to do. What is it that you want… (0 comment)