If You Want Success Just Fucking Do It
Seriously What are you waiting for? Just Fucking Do It. Whatever it is,it probably needs to get done and fucking pronto too,so stop procrastinating. There are many things throughout the day that need to happen.The difference though between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the ones that are success orientated are fully aware of… (0 comment)

What If ????
When is the last time you called them? When have you last seen them? They may or may not be thinking about you right now,Who knows? The point is you are thinking about them right now and that is what matters right? Or Not? Call them or do not the choice is up to you,… (0 comment)

Talking To Yourself Is Great.
Are you talking to yourself again? Great because that is one of the best things you can do. Today i found myself talking to myself in the car again. Praising myself for a few things i have accomplished lately. When i was doing that. I suddenly thought. Oh my god you are so crazy. Then… (2 comments)

The Poor Me Syndrome.
The Poor Me Syndrome. Poor me they say. Why poor you? What about poor them? Hundreds of people right now all over the world are going through hell as i am writing this, Hundreds more if not thousands, Will still be when you are reading it. Later when you go to the shop,are in your… (0 comment)