Today Is The Day.
Today Is The Day. That is a great mindset to get into. That everyday you wake up is the day. Your Day. Today. You my Friend are gonna Smash It,Kill It ,Destroy It. You are going to look Great. Feel Great. Act Great. Why you may ask? Well because. YOU ARE GREAT. Know that there… (0 comment)

Suit Up,Shut Up And Show Up.
Suit Up,Shut Up And Show Up. I remember one time i had to do something. I had to be somewhere but i really did not want to go. I kept whining about it. I read an article that went something along the lines of this. In Life ninety pro cent is just showing up. I… (0 comment)

Your Actions Of Love.
If you are reading this right now. If you are in a place in your relationship. Where it may not be going as you would like it to go. Then Stop Right Now. Ask Yourself. What is it that i can do For my Partner,Spouse,Lover,Husband,Wife. Not what is it that i can get. Your focus… (0 comment)

Stop Complaining And Start Doing.
Stop Complaining and Start Doing. I found myself complaining recently about a few things that were not happening for me. I realized that in the amount of time i had actually spent thinking and complaining about what i couldn’t do. I could have actually done what i was able to do in that moment with… (0 comment)

Two Minds Two Hearts.
Two Minds Two Hearts. Connectivity. Relationship. Love. Are you looking after your relationship today? Listening to your partner not just saying that you are listening. I mean actually listening intently to each and every single word they are saying to you. Oh but you say that is hard. Yes of course it is hard. No… (0 comment)

Temptation is an interesting word. Its meaning known to many, If not everyone on this planet in one way shape or form. It also comes in many ways, shapes and forms. What is lacking within will cause us to seek without for fulfillment. Looking without though to fill within can and dose not work. Seeking… (0 comment)