Greetings and welcome to all who are visiting There Is Peace Within for the first time.

My Name is Alexander James and it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to my Blog.

I am currently living in Ireland although i bounce around from country to country quite a bit.

This website was created with the goal in mind of helping people to find inner peace as well as it being composed with writings pertaining to all aspects of daily life and life in general.

Personal Development,Peace,Happiness,Spirituality,Inner Peace,Love,Health,Joy,Addiction, Recovery,Motivation,Sobriety,Health,God and The Great Peace Within are another few a few topics i Blog about along with many more things also.

Here you will find many different tips on how to move smoother through life,Find Inner Peace,To stay focused and to be happy and to deal with the many situations we all face day to day on the journey here.

There Is Peace Within that is The Truth and you can find it.

My mission and purpose i feel is to bring to the world what i have learned so far in life and of course continue to learn daily.

So i hope to help people find with the information that has literally changed my life from negative to positive.

You will find all my own material and what i have learned to date in life and if anything changes then i will also change it on the About page you here that you are now reading.

I love to travel also so in time i will be blogging about that too.

So please feel free to look around and i am so glad you found There Is Peace Within.

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Much Peace and Love to you all


I hope you find your inner peace.



Alexander James