Behind Every Good Man, There Is A Great Woman.

Behind Every Good Man, There Is A Great Woman.
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Behind Every Good Man, There Is A Great Woman.

It is one of the truest statements I have ever heard, and i believe that has ever been written.

She will be there for you,but do not lie to her.

Dont you dare, you do not get to do that.

She is worth so much more than that.

So stop lying.

She will help you,but stop taking advantage of her.

Most likely you will not get away with much anyway,

She will not let you 🙂

She will love you when you find it hard to love yourself.

She will hold you when you cannot stand.

In turn you will hold her,

You will help her and love her.

Completely, with every cell and fiber of your being.

You will hold yourself accountable for your actions.

You will be her man and not her child.

She dose not need you to be a child.

She needs a man.

So stop behaving like her infant and grow up.

Anyway she will most likely not let you behave that way and so you will start to grow.

If you have not done so already.

You will have to grow up, or you two can and will not flourish.

For my plan is for you both to grow in love together and i want to give you,


Love,Happiness and Completeness.

Wholeness of Mind,Body,Heart and Soul.

Not wanting or lacking anything.

Times will be great and there will be moments of hardships,

But you two will over come if you just persist.

Now there is a word.


Remember that both of you are needed in order to move forward.

One is not enough and remember that where there are two fighting.

There are always two to blame.

Listen to each other.

Just stop what you are doing and listen.

She will be your beacon of light when you see nothing in front of you but darkness,pain and sorrow.

You will be the same for her when the tables are turned.

You will love her with all you heart,soul and mind.

She will strengthen you and make you very happy.

You will do the same for her, wanting for nothing but her.

When you have wonderful ideas and plans she will naturally question them and you will listen.

You can and will sort things out together sometimes with great ease and other times with great conflict.

You will argue and fight but only for a while because you know that to hold on to unnecessary things for too long is not wise.

For it will only wreck your peace.

Naturally it would be easier at any moment for you both to quit and walk away,

But nothing in life is worth fighting for more than something worth so much.

That something being you two.

Besides you would both most likely, only repeat the same patterns and show the same traits,

In the next relationship you would move on to, and so the cycle would continue.

If you could only just look in front of you and see the beauty that lies within her,

Then you would not be blinded ever again by the day to day illusions that come at you from all angles.

Do not let your imagination trick you into thinking that there is nothing left for you two for it it quite the opposite.

There is plenty left, but you both need to start right now,

To uncover,discover and discard anything than no longer serves either of you.

You will then really start to flourish.

Start Believing in each other.

Moving forward with great strength and trust.

It will take time but all good things do take time and it will be worth every second of it.

Please just try to work it out for yourselves.

You are both worth so much and deserve every good thing.

So today is not the end but actually the beginning.

The first day of the rest of your lives together.

Remember I am always with you.

Your Friend,



Alexander James

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