What can I give? Not what can I get?

What can I give? Not what can I get?
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What can I give? Not what can I get?

Why do i need to Get,Get,Get,Get,Get,Get,Get all the time.

When is the last time i have given?

Why is it all about receiving for me all the time?

It is because i am selfish as fuck thats why.

This may sound harsh but it is the truth really.

Dose it mean i am condemning myself?


Just being brutally honest thats all.

I can only speak for myself when i say,

I am selfish.

Dose this mean i am a bad person?

No it just means i have a lot to learn on my journey.

Slowly day by day i am becoming a better version of myself.

When i am working on Projects,At Home or In The Gym,

Wherever i happen to be in the day i am in.

I need to be of Service to Others

How do i do that?

Well it is quite simple and it would be to turn my thoughts toward others constantly.

Some of you may laugh as it sounds a little corny right?

I mean come on,

Its like saying i am going to be the best darn citizen i can be and do everything for everyone.

I do not necessarily mean that but a little does go a long way.

When i say being of service to others what i mean is,

To strive to be better each and every single day i go out and do what i do in the day i am in.

Just try and be a little more aware of others for starters.

If you would go with the Hindu version it may go a little something like this.

I now move into my day in the day and moment i am in with God.

There is Divine Light that resides within me,

That divine light is God and i need to be a vehicle  for that light daily in all my actions and all that i do.

I need to transmit the Awesome Power of God into everything i do.

Dose that mean i am God ?

No of course not,although i will behave like that a lot of the time of course because of my Ego 🙂

It just means that there is The God seed within.

A little piece of God which i can call upon and talk to daily.

The beauty of all this is that when i bring God with me everywhere.

Then i can start to watch the beauty of its plan unfold,

right before my very eyes and become a part of that plan.

versus if i only call upon God sometimes then it is usually a fucking disaster for me 🙂

What if i do not believe in God?

No Problem.

If you do you do.

if you do not you do not but,

It still dose not stop you from getting out of yourself and giving to others.

For that in itself is Spiritual action whether we like it or believe it or not.

You know what they really need it and you need to learn how to give so it benefits both parties dose it not.

I wish you all a pleasant day.


Alexander James.







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