Stop Complaining And Start Doing.
Stop Complaining and Start Doing. I found myself complaining recently about a few things that were not happening for me. I realized that in the amount of time i had actually spent thinking and complaining about what i couldn’t do. I could have actually done what i was able to do in that moment with… (0 comment)

What Is Your Why?
What Is Your Why? I could say but do you know you life purpose yet? What you have not found it? Really? Bla,bla,bla and then i could continue by repeating a whole other bunch of stuff i have heard other people tell me over the years 🙂 However I am not going to do that.… (0 comment)

Doing Things On Your Own
I have come across a few situations recently where people have told me about things they were afraid to do alone,or places they might not want to go to and it got me thinking.Why is that? I mean these people were actually paralyzed to the point of not actually doing what they really would like… (0 comment)