What can I give? Not what can I get?
What can I give? Not what can I get? Why do i need to Get,Get,Get,Get,Get,Get,Get all the time. When is the last time i have given? Why is it all about receiving for me all the time? It is because i am selfish as fuck thats why. This may sound harsh but it is the… (0 comment)

Do Things For Others Without Expecting In Return.
Do Things For Others Without Expecting Anything In Return. To do things for others is a wonderful thing. Most of us have no problem doing something for another but somewhere underneath our outward expression of kindness. We are seeking a reward for our doing the thing we have just done for another. It inst a… (0 comment)

No Need To Fight Only Embrace.
No Need To Fight Only Embrace. There is no need to hate people. For What? Just Love Them. I am very serious when i say this. It is crucial in order for you to start living the good life. There are many people walking around right now that are holding a lot of hate and… (0 comment)

Your Actions Of Love.
If you are reading this right now. If you are in a place in your relationship. Where it may not be going as you would like it to go. Then Stop Right Now. Ask Yourself. What is it that i can do For my Partner,Spouse,Lover,Husband,Wife. Not what is it that i can get. Your focus… (0 comment)

Two Minds Two Hearts.
Two Minds Two Hearts. Connectivity. Relationship. Love. Are you looking after your relationship today? Listening to your partner not just saying that you are listening. I mean actually listening intently to each and every single word they are saying to you. Oh but you say that is hard. Yes of course it is hard. No… (0 comment)

Love Them To Pieces
Divine Love what is it? How can i get connected to it? What dose it mean anyway? To Love Them To Pieces is one way to do it. That will definitely get you connected to Divine Love. Meditation,Prayer,Fasting,Thinking about whatever you believe Divine Love to be will usually help you connect to it. The thought… (0 comment)