Just Do Not Take NO For An Answer.
Just Do Not Take NO For An Answer. This one is quite simple really. In whatever it is you are doing, or want to accomplish. Just simply. Do not take NO for a Fucking answer. Doors will be slammed in your face, of course they will. People will try and talk you out of this… (0 comment)

Be Careful Of Your words And How You Speak.
Be Careful Of Your words And How You Speak. See Your words affect your Sub Conscious Mind Very Powerfully Indeed. The words we speak are extremely important. When it comes to attracting things into our life. Be very careful what you say to people and what you say to yourself. Watch your each and every… (0 comment)

Be The Odd One Out And Stand Out.
Be The Odd One Out And Stand Out. Different Is Great. Be Different. Be Unique. Be Creative. Instead of Competitive. Use your creative mind instead of the competitive one. There is enough to go around. In fact more than enough for you and everyone else on this planet. There always will be. You can have… (0 comment)

Your Actions Of Love.
If you are reading this right now. If you are in a place in your relationship. Where it may not be going as you would like it to go. Then Stop Right Now. Ask Yourself. What is it that i can do For my Partner,Spouse,Lover,Husband,Wife. Not what is it that i can get. Your focus… (0 comment)

Stay On The Frequency Of Love
People. Stay On The Frequency Of Love. Today no matter what happens. Hate should not be a word in your vocabulary. Let no hate enter your mind today. Be Free. Keep your Peace. Know Yourself. Love Others. When you are talking to people today. Find the love that resides within them as you speak to… (0 comment)

Designing Your Own Life
Thought is really what it is all about. Most people think they know how to think but they are not really thinking. They only think they are,but they have not yet learned how to think. Sitting comfortable and most of the time completely unaware that they are in fact creating their future every second of… (0 comment)

Having A Positive Outlook.
Having A Positive Outlook. I was out walking today and a thought just streamed across my consciousness. It went a little something like this. Wow there are so many people. Speaking so negatively today. I do not know where this thought came from. What i do know however is that when i actually analyzed it… (0 comment)