Just Listen To Them For A Change.
Just Listen To Them For A Change. I got lost in writing this post this evening which for me is a beautiful thing. I love when that happens so now i present to you…. The Post…. Just Listen To Them For A Change. My interpretation of the above sentence and the title of this post… (0 comment)

Responding And Not Reacting.
Responding And Not Reacting. How are you in dealing with confrontation? Do you react every single time someone says something to you,that you do not like? If this is the case then, Responding would be a much better option for you. You know the saying to every little action there is a reaction. It was… (0 comment)

Two Minds Two Hearts.
Two Minds Two Hearts. Connectivity. Relationship. Love. Are you looking after your relationship today? Listening to your partner not just saying that you are listening. I mean actually listening intently to each and every single word they are saying to you. Oh but you say that is hard. Yes of course it is hard. No… (0 comment)

Stay On The Frequency Of Love
People. Stay On The Frequency Of Love. Today no matter what happens. Hate should not be a word in your vocabulary. Let no hate enter your mind today. Be Free. Keep your Peace. Know Yourself. Love Others. When you are talking to people today. Find the love that resides within them as you speak to… (0 comment)

Just Be Nice Its Not That Hard.
Just Be Nice Its Not That Hard. So today i was thinking. It really costs me nothing to be nice. It may require some effort and strength on my part, However it will be worth every ounce of it in the end. The people i am nice to today will possibly feel better. I myself… (0 comment)