Child Do Not Ever Hide Your Light,Just Let It Shine Bright.

Child Do Not Ever Hide Your Light,Just Let It Shine Bright.
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Do not ever hide your light, Just Let It Shine Bright.

It it there for all to see.

I want you to let it shine as bright as it is,

So do not dull it out.

Do not try to dampen it or play it down around others.

Why would you?

For you are much more than you think you are.

You imagining yourself less than anyone else is not helpful at all.

When you are in that state.

It is then also harder for me to use you,

In order to help them.

I need you to be of service to your fellows, the people around you.

The men and women who have so little.

I want you to care for them.

Some have nothing at all and for you to give as little as a smile or a sandwich.

May mean so much more than you think it dose in the day or,

In the moment you are in.

A little can go a long way.

You can do much more that you believe you are capable of,

Just try and you will see.

You have been born with Greatness and never forget that.

You will accomplish Great and Wonderful things.

I have given each and everyone one of you your own piece of me.

A true brightness that lies deep within you.

All you need to do is seek it out.

Seek me out.


In seeking you will find,

In finding you will know,


In Knowing you will see,

The Beautiful And Peaceful Light,

That Lies Deep Within You.

Alexander James.

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