Dear Child Know That I am Always There.

Dear Child Know That I am Always There.
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Dear Child,

Know That I am Always Here.

When there is so much pain that you cannot stand and are curled up on the floor.

When there is so much hardship that you think you cannot go on ,and that you are not going to make it.

When the odds seem stacked against you so much,that you see no possible way out.

I will make a way, and your path shall be straight out of trouble.

This storm you may consider to be the roughest you have ever faced.

Just know that i am with you and i will bring you through it.

You will pass with flying colors.

We will do this together you and me.

You will move on from this place to another and you will be free of all the hurt and pain.

This moment is but a moment in time as there are many.

Dear child,

Know that i love you so much and have so much more in store for you, so just trust the process.

Sometimes it will be Quickly, Sometimes it will be Slowly but i will bring it to pass.

It will be,and is right on time.

Things may seem impossible to you right now, but to me nothing is impossible.

You have a knowing of that deep within you.

Otherwise you would have given up a long time ago.

I know that there were times when you almost did, but you did not.

You see i know every thought in your mind and every hair on your head.

I know every cell in your body and every tear that flows from you eyes.

I have seen the ones you have cried in the past and,

The ones you will cry in the future, i will catch again.

I will bring you out of every trouble and fear you have ever had,and ever will have.

I will bring you through the roughest of storms.

So do not doubt me 🙂 But of course you will and that is OK,

Because you are human and i have made you that way.

Please trust me my love.

Just relax and let me soothe your soul.

Just give me the burdens you have carried for so long and i will take them.

I promise you this,as i have promised you before.

Have I ever left you down?

Have i ever failed you?

I will smash what you think i can not and comfort you always.

I have made you the way that you are and i have done it exactly as it should be.

When others think differently of you, fear not for i see a perfect picture.

That perfect picture is you.

Yes you will have failings and you may not think you are perfect.

They say however that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and,

I am the beholder.

You see i am the greatest artist there ever was,has been or ever will be.

When an artist sees something that needs fixing then they fix it.

You could even say that along with being the greatest artist.

I am among many other things the greatest potter that the world has ever known or ever will know.

I am molding you and shaping you to fulfill your purpose.

The reason that you are here.

Have you ever thought about that?

Why you are here 🙂

I have and know this.

I am adding detail to the picture that is you and your life every second and every hour of every day.

There is nothing that i hold you accountable for.

Though many will tell you that there is.

Do not listen to them.

Trust me.

I remember only the good that you do i see no bad.

It has been forgotten.

The imaginary slate wiped.

There has never been a slate nor ever will be.

Know this my child that you are in essence.


You were born out love ( Me )

You shall live with love ( Me )


When it is time to exit this life you will return back to love ( Me )

Your Best Friend



Alexander James.

Originally published at thereispeacewithin.com on October 23, 2017.

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