Do I Have To Be Religious To Pray ?

Do I Have To Be Religious To Pray ?
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Do I Have To Be Religious To Pray ?

In my opinion.


You do not have to be religious to pray.

Anyone can do it.

Is it possible to pray without being part of any one religion or denomination?

Yes of course it is.

Prayer i believe is just thought,word or deed during which we are connected to The Only One Loving Power ( God )

It is through the absence of Self,

Of Selflessness that we become more connected to The One Love or ( God )

Many people will have their own conceptions.

Its all good.

Whatever works for you.

I know many people who do not identify themselves with any one particular religion.

Including myself.


They are living their lives perfectly fine.

Dose it mean that we are perfect all the time?

Of course not.

We are all human and make mistakes all the time.

We are all on our own different paths in life.

In my belief all heading back to the place from which we came in the first place,

That place being,

LOVE ( God )

or if you like,

The Source or The One Love.

In my belief.

These are all the same thing.

It is out of Love ( God )

We came,

and back to this,

Great LOVE ( God )

We shall return.

This for me is a wonderful belief for myself.

A beautiful conception that works very well for me.

In order for me to live my life better and be at peace.

That is why i am posting it here and so maybe this will help someone.

Then again maybe it wont and maybe people will pray and maybe they will not and that is all Ok.

Again all this talk of Prayer and God is just a concept that i use and everyone will be different.

I also believe that a part of God is within each and every single one of us.

That we are born with this part of,

If you will,

Divine Love.

In order that we can turn to the Love at any time for guidance and direction.

For Help when we need it.

I will finish this post by just saying,

Praying in my view is only attempting a contact with a Power,


The Source that is not me.

However it dose reside within me.

It is something that has more Power than i do,

To go a little deeper,

Well in fact is that Power itself.

Peace,Love and Light to you all.


I will continue to Pray 🙂

Greetings people 🙂


Alexander James

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