Just Listen To Them For A Change.

Just Listen To Them For A Change.
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Just Listen To Them For A Change.

I got lost in writing this post this evening which for me is a beautiful thing.

I love when that happens so now i present to you….

The Post….

Just Listen To Them For A Change.

My interpretation of the above sentence and the title of this post would be.

I believe there are, most definitely many sides to each story.

The original post was going to be,

Just Listen To Her For A Change.

However after a little contemplation and thought i decided to rename it.

Just Listen To Them For A Change.


Meaning Your Partner,Lover,Husband,Wife,Fiancee or whatever name you choose to give them.

Just listen to them because they really do have the most wonderful and beautiful things to say to you.

As well as maybe the most hurtful, but extremely important things that you may just need to hear also.

Things that when actually heard and internally processed by you,can really help you to grow.

Granted there will of course be times when you need to just forget stuff that has been said to you by them.

Stuff that dose not really matter or may have zero relevance, but before doing that.

Be sure to let that stuff first travel through your truth filter.

What is a truth filter you may ask?

Well it is just something i use for myself, and i can best explain it like this.

If a person you are engaged in confrontation with starts to use lines like,

I hate you and i never want to see you again,

Your useless and a waste of space,

That is it i am fucking done.

Along with around about another hundred million combinations of words,

That can be strung together into sentences and used at that time.

Simply take a step back physically or mentally in that moment,


Let the sentence that you have just heard,

Be processed by the truth filter in your mind.

Having done so you may now proceed.

What is the answer?

Is what they have said,

True or False?

First look honestly at yourself and say,

What have i done here?

How have i hurt them?

Am i actually in the wrong?

Do they really mean what they are saying?

As sometimes in the heat of anger we say things we really do not mean at all.

Really take an honest self assessment,and look at how your behavior has been.

How it is in general,and is there something you are missing?

You see its all about communication really.

With yourself first in your mind, and then with them.

Either right away or a little later on, whichever is appropriate for you.

They like you will not always be right but it is very important that you actively listen to what it is they are actually saying, and how they are conveying it to you.

It is very easy to miss something that could turn out to be an extremely important component for you in understanding what is going on.

Men may be saying yeah,yeah i know but she just keeps going on about that one thing and it drives me fucking crazy.

Women may be saying, but you see he just will not listen and i have given up trying to change him,

So whats the point?

Men may be saying i told him that i did not want this conversation right now but would he listen? No he wouldn’t stop.

Women may be saying she will just not do what i want or what i ask of her, what a bitch.

All these statements could be taken on board as perfectly true valid statements.

I have no idea 🙂

Yes they may be true, of course it is a possibility.

However each party will need to decide and look at it honestly for themselves in order to then proceed.

Get a verdict so to speak.

There are and will be numerous possibilities along with just as many answers.

Whether the answers will be right for you, or them is up to both of you to decide and to come to agreement or disagreement on.

All i can give on this is food for thought.

Which is the information i have presented to you today.

You may proceed as you wish.

You may choose,

That which you what to do.

I do not think there is a black or white, or any one fit all solution for everyone.

As each individual on this planet has a different character.

Different mannerisms,

Different Traits,

Different ways.

Some of which you will accept and they will match picture perfectly to yours.

You will really love those things and some of these things will not pass the compatibility test at all.

They will be a straight up FAIL.

Then some of you will accept this ,and some will not.

The people that do find a full acceptance of each other seem to make it ( stay together or in a relationship )

They seem to just fit in a weird and beautiful perfection of imperfection-ism,

If that makes sense to you.

To be honest i am still trying to figure that bit out myself.

However i do class it as a true statement or at least it is for me anyway.


Next time you feel like discarding your relationship or mutual agreement on whatever it is you have agreed upon 🙂

Just Listen To Them For A Change.

Whatever it is they have done.

Just at least give them a chance to say what they need to say,

You probably need to hear it and they most likely need to say it,

Again this is all up to you.

Hope it helps you as much as it helps me.


Alexander James.





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