Learning To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations.

Learning To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations.
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Learning To Be Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations.

This I feel is essential for personal growth and development.

The more i feel uncomfortable in life,

The more i want to change,but it wasn’t always that way.

I used to be quite at ease doing nothing or whatever and just coasting through life pretty much aimlessly.

My Jiu Jitsu Coach sometimes calls it Just Shooting The Breeze.

That was exactly what my life was about before i changed,

It was not just sometimes either,No it was all the time.

Just blowing in the wind so to speak no ambitions for the future,

Nope not me and why would i life was comfortable.

Going out drinking getting smashed,chilling out and really not giving a shit about anything or anyone.

A whole lot of life passed me by like that.

Do i regret it?

No not for a second,well maybe a few things i do regret but then that is all part of  life,learning and growing up.

I would not be the person i am today had i not done all that shit,

I would not have gained the knowledge i have acquired had i not done it all, or at least most of it anyway 🙂

I am uncomfortable lots of the time these days but in a way with comfort if that makes sense.

I feel at ease in a lot situations in which i would not have felt before.

The difference today is that i choose to put myself into those situations on purpose in order to grow and change.

To get better and to be more confident.

I purposely put myself into uncomfortable situations these days in order to test my limits and i love it.

To be the best version of myself is my ultimate goal and i am striving to that ideal daily.

Being Uncomfortable is great because the more i feel that way the more i become immune,

To the fears i once may have had and that i have found is when Growth happens.

Just Try It 🙂


Alexander James

Comments (2)

  • Great read. I am at the point in my life where I have to face my fears in order to grow and heal. Life is no easy and sometimes it feels as if the cards are loaded against you, however I am starting to realize that the cards that I thought had been stacked against me are in fact cards of life that have taught me how to love, how to be aware of connections and how to dream. Thank you for a great read.

    • Author

      You are welcome Natalie i am glad you liked the post and i wish you well on your journey also 🙂 thanks for leaving a comment for me i really appreciate it 🙂


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