Love With Every Cell And Fiber Of Your Being.

Love With Every Cell And Fiber Of Your Being.
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Love With Every Cell And Fiber Of Your Being.


When you think about it and focus upon it.

You will start to vibrate on the frequency of Love and be at peace and ease and the more you do it.

The better you will feel.

The better your day and life will be in general.

Why hate them?

Yes you know who they are.

They the ones hanging out in your head.

The ones your talking shit about all day long.

Better still.

Talking too.

Ha,ha 🙂

We have all been there.

By doing this you are letting them take your valuable peace of mind which is so precious to you.

So why do you let them have it.

If you are already mad at them.

If they have already taken or done something to you in order to make you feel the way you are now feeling.

Then why give them your peace of mind as well.

That really is just plain stupid or at least its how i feel about it anyway.

If you give resentment an inch it will take a mile.

If you give your peace of mind to others you will feel like shit.

Your arguing with them in your head and plotting about how you will get your revenge.

You saying oh that bitch when i catch her ( Oh my God he used another profanity yes,yes i did and it got your attention so it was worth it, and besides it was just in case you were nodding off, now moving on ) What i wont do to her.

Well quite frankly you doing and saying that to yourself is all pointless nonsensical bullshit.

Stop plotting revenge and start forgiving people.

JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LET IT GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop letting them live rent free in your head.

It is only you hurting yourself by holding Resentment toward another individual.

Which is why it is so essential to forgive and forget.

Also to love everything and everyone.

As much as you can.

As often as you can,

Anywhere you can.

Anytime you can is so important.

will be happy enough If that is all you get out of this post and then just take it and implement it into your day today.

It will help you so much believe me .

When i started putting it into practice in my day it changed everything for me.

For where love is.

Hate cannot be.

Well at least not at the same time anyway.

For that would be impossible.

Dose all this mean i will never get mad?

Of course not.

We will all get that way from time to time.

When that happens.

Just try and get off that negative frequency quickly and return to thinking about love.

Practice Love and in doing so you will become it.

Today’s phrase for you to repeat often is



Alexander James

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