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Night Time Is A Beautiful Time

Night Time Is A Beautiful Time
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Night time is a beautiful time as i sit i hear the echo of a car horn in the distance.Then it becomes quite again,then i hear the humming of our fridge then it too settles down and there is quietness. A car passes the sound of it too fades as it travels on to its destination. My mind says i wonder where that car is going?I feel a deep sense of calm, a knowing that i am completely Ok in this moment.I am not looking outside of me to fill something i need for nothing i want for nothing, just now only now.I am very alert very aware of the Divine Presence Of God within me .This thought settles me even more,Rain my eye catches falling under the streetlight outside my window,soft unlike earlier on yes much softer now.It falls with ease as my eyes start to close and so this day has almost come to and end and my thoughts are once more drawn to that beautiful Peace Within and i know that everything is just as it supposed to be right now.

© Alexander James

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