In The Silence Of The Night
The thoughts that stream my consciousness at 03.27 In the silence of the night there is a quite assurance of safety a deep communion with The Source Within.It is there that it resides and dose so from birth to death with every one who walks this earth and It will continue to do so with… (0 comment)

The Breath
Sit still they say, I have heard many times over the years.Watch your breath, observe it let it quieten your mind,yes this works absolutely when done correctly and is great for those moments.What also works is when feeling hurried,angered or stressed out with someone.Is to in that moment try to observe the others breath. Watch the… (0 comment)

The Source.
The Source of all Creation wants good for all and is in all and permeates through all. It is all and we are all one. It resides within each and every one of us and if only searched for more would be found with perfect ease. Bringing great peace and comfort to each individual. ©… (0 comment)