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Passing Judgement

Passing Judgement
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Oh My God haven’t you heard about what happened to _____I am telling you it was crazy you should have seen them.Look at her she hasn’t got a clue, if that was me well i mean id just_____.I cant believe he would do something like that, now that is something we would never do isn’t that right. go on tell them isn’t that right.

Sound familiar? Well personally it dose to me and all the above are forms of Judgement passed upon others, the way they live their lives and the way they do or do not do what we expect them to.

I heard a story about Judgement one time as a child, the story involved two scenarios.First that when i would die i would be Judged for all the things i had done in my life good and bad.Then Second this dude they called God with a grey beard and long hair holding some form of stick or another, would after reading the ledger that he had containing all my life decisions and actions,would then decide which place i went to.This Involved him picking a place of beauty peace and serenity with him or a place of fire and torment for all eternity you get the idea right? and i guess some will relate.This story terrified me as a child and at the time mind flipped these images around for about ten years or so Ha,ha,ha. You can laugh or not but thats what happened.

Ok so what sprung to mind to me today was the thing i was told about before the place that was called hell,the thing the person called JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I no longer believe the story which is great, but the words Judgement and hell today hold a much different meaning for me.

The Judgement we tend to pass upon other hinders our spiritual progress.When caught up in all that drama it blinds us to what is real and what is not. When caught up in the rat race of Judgement constantly our lives become foggy at best.Those people that you were talking about the last time, or were maybe mentally passing Judgement upon earlier on, are living beings like you too. Come on we all do it and being able to say that is the first step toward our liberation from the poison of the Judgments we pass.I am not sure that there is a point where it will be fully eradicated from ones personality or ones negative emotional traits completely.I do believe however that with a persistent working toward the removal of my Judgement upon others comes a little freedom each time this is practiced.The word hell dose not mean the same today for me that it did back then all it means now is when i am stuck in the Judgement mentality then i usually tend to be creating hell in some way shape or form in the day i am in for me and others around me.Hope this is helpful to someone

I wish everyone who is reading this today Peace,Joy and Freedom

© Alexander James

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