People Will Always Be Talking About You.

People Will Always Be Talking About You.
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People Will Always be Talking About You.

They will be saying good things.

They will be saying bad things.

People are people,

They are human like you, and yes they talk.

The same way as you speak daily.

They also do.

It is what we humans do,

Is it not?

That is life and it just so happens,that it is how it is.

Why worry about what they say?

Who are they anyway?

Why overload your mind with worry and fear about what people may or may not be saying about you right now or in the future?

As sure as you are reading this right now.

know that someone,somewhere is talking about you.

In some way shape or form.

It really dose not matter though, unless you let it matter.

They may be saying the most beautiful array of things about you.

How great you are and about all the wonderful things you do for people.

On the flip side.

They may also be calling you every name under the sun.

They may be speaking very badly about you indeed.

Who knows?

Who Cares?

Do you care?


Why do you need to know so badly?

Who the Fuck cares?

Do You?

Why do you care so much?

Is you ego hurting?

Is it your pride?

Do you know which it is?

Do you want, or need to know?

Do you want to grow?

Inst it much better to mind ones own business?

Personally i have found it to be so.

What anyone else says or dose is none of my business unless it involves me directly.

In which case it may, or may not become my business.

If i choose to allow, or not allow it to become so.

So maybe if i hear something today that disturbs me i can try a different approach then my usual one.

If i know what my usual one is 🙂

So for example,

Today i can choose to just let it go and not involve myself with it, whatever it happens to be.

I have learned that the less and less i become involved with things that do not concern me.

The more and more peace and serenity i am gifted to keep for myself in the day i am in.

People this is designed to get you to think.

God gave you a brain to use, so start to use it.

Its a beautiful thing to be able to, not be attached to what others say or do.

To not let my mind or myself become part of the madness of others.

There is madness but you do not have to be a part of it.

So today i leave you with this.

You may decide for yourself what to do with the information that has been presented to you.

I wish you all well on you journey.


Alexander James


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