Prior,Planning,Preparation,Prevents,Piss, Poor,Performances.

Prior,Planning,Preparation,Prevents,Piss,  Poor,Performances.
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A good number of years ago i had just started a job having done nothing for a while .

I used to like doing that before,


It suited me very well and i really enjoyed it.

I wish i knew then what i do now, and i guess many people could say that too,

Looking back and thinking about certain times in their lives.

So back then ( went i was a lil gangster 🙂 NOT, although i acted that way for sure and i thought i was God )

I would wake up in the morning and get some beers maybe smoke a little weed, do whatever i wanted really.

Listen to some rap music and Hit the club when i felt like it.

You could be sure to find me in the pub day or night it would not matter.

I would meet the guys smoke and drink some more, surely play a little poker.

Meet a few girls have a good time life is good right?

Why you may be asking did i do all this? or you may completely relate.

Well because i was young,lazy as fuck and i did not give a shit about what i was doing or about the direction my life was taking.

It definitely all needed to happen though, in order for me to grow.

So then one day Mom came home from work and she said i have found a job for you.

My head said Ha,ha 🙂

Fuck That.

I aint working haven’t you heard about all the important shit i have to do.

Places to go people to see and all that.

Do you not know who i am?

My mouth however unknown to myself just muttered the words.

A Job?

Oh great thats good,

Thanks when do you think i could start?

Meanwhile in my head i am cursing her out and thinking to myself lazyville has come to an end,

Fuck My Life 🙂

You see it was either get a job or leave the house, and find a place of my own own.

I did not like option two so i went with option one.

I did not really want that because i hate to say it,but it was just easier to live at home.

The answer then came you can start tomorrow.

My head spoke once more it said.

Tomorrow Fucking great even better than i thought.


I did not dare say that of course,

I said wonderful, she said great, i said great,

Thank You and so it began.

I woke up the next morning and headed toward the site of a new hotel build in the area.

I was going to be a laborer.

Wow a laborer kinda sounds like Labrador to me and,

Little did i know it would feel like that too at times but whatever.

I met the guy i would be working with and his name was lets say Jocahim.

It was not Joachim but lets just say it was 🙂

So he greets me,we shake hands and it is what turns out to be the start of what blossomed into being a really great friendship.

So he tells me all these really good stories about his life and all the fun cool things he has done places he has been to.

I am loving it, and i am thinking yeah i want to do that go here,

Go there, it really motivated me.

It gave me a different perspective, a different outlook on life.

The days,Weeks and months passed and the job really did not feel like a job anymore because we were always chatting and cracking jokes.

The day went so much faster and it and was much easier to be a Labrador,

Whoops i mean laborer 🙂

One day he pipes up and says listen here you were supposed to do that job and you didn’t.

You see i tried to take a short cut and he was right.

I swear that the next line out of his mouth changed my life forever and i mean that.

He says The 7 x P’s Mate,

The 7 x P’s ,

I think to myself this guy is Fucking nuts what the hell is he banging on about with the 7 x P’s ,

He then utters the 7 words that changed the course of my life for the better forever.


Always remember that Mate always.

I said say that again slowly please and so he did.


I thought about it for a while,

What the words really meant and about the order the words were in.

It really made sense to me.

I said to him your right, and i apologized for my earlier fuck up on site.

He said no, do not apoligise we all need to make mistakes in order to grow.

Make as many as you need to make.

I said OK.

Then he said, but just know you will be cleaning them up.

We laughed but he meant it, and i realized that.

He had just displayed assertiveness which was one of the things i was lacking in my life, and which at the time i didnt even know it existed 🙂

So i learned it from him, being around him and watching him in his interactions with others.

He was assertive it in such a way that was not offensive but at the same time it came across as proper, while standing his ground.

Just saying it as it is, being honest and truthful about each, and in every situation.

Call a spade a spade he said.

Just not taking shit from anyone and standing ones ground when needed.

Being able to speak up for oneself.

Which was another thing i was unable to do at that time in my life but after the building site job.

I was more than able to do it.

See it is crazy to say but,

He had coached and mentored me, and i did not really even know or see it until later on in life.

I learned so much more and i could go on and on, but in a way it was like God sent this dude to help me on my path.

Joachim was x military and i am not saying that it is good or bad.

I have no opinion on it, but what i do know is.

That what i learned from just listening and watching his actions over the space of a year or so change my life forever for the better.

I am not military, but it blew my fucking mind to see how one persons actions can affect another in such a profound way.

So now each and every day before i do the things that need doing.

I say wait.


Then i move from that place,

To start the task at hand and i get the job done.

Another thing i learned from Joachim,

Getting the job done or mission accomplished.

Something may be hard in life but when i approach that something,


The Job.


The Mission.

Then it becomes much more important for me and i believe that is something that working with him instilled in me.

I am truly Gretafull for that.

Ill finish on this.

The end account of what i learned on my building site job was not how to sweep a pathway or how to carry bricks to someone,how to lift a wheelbarrow or mix cement.

Yes i did learn all those things as well,but what i really learned from my time working with Joachim was,

Responsibility,Honesty,Integrity,Taking Ownership,Discipline,Assertiveness,Awareness,Forgiveness ( in the form of ,Oh just let shit go ) Tolerance,Patience and much more.

I hope you have enjoyed the story and got some valuable information from it, and if you take nothing else away from this post today.

Please,Please,Please,Please take with you and put in to practice.


It will change your life.


Alexander James.





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