Rise Above The Dark Clouds And See The Light.

Rise Above The Dark Clouds And See The Light.
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You can and are perfectly able to,

Rise Above The Dark Clouds And See The Light.

The power of thought and how you use it,is crucial to how your life will take place and  unfold.

To hold positive thoughts sometimes we say is hard but,

It is not that hard really.

It just means that you need to practice concentrating,

Upon what you want to think about in order to be able to do so.

You will be able to hold good thoughts if you practice holding them and eventually you will be able to do it with ease.

It will become simple for you and you will have no problem doing it at all.

Thoughts stream across our consciousness all the time,

When we are awake and whilst we are sleeping.

We are always feeling the way we feel, because of the thoughts we hold in our mind.

The images we see on the screen of our mind daily,

We will start to attract into our lives full stop.

If we do not keep our thoughts in check, and only choose to think the ones we want to think.

It could turn bad for us in the long run.

In other word we could start attracting things we do not want to happen for,

As The Great law ( The Law Of Attraction States )

Like attracts like.

You say but it is impossible to choose the thoughts i want to think but i tell you it is not.

It just takes lots of practice and with persistence you will win.

Which again is why it is so important hold only the Good images of what you want.

Not, what you do not want.

It is as simple as this,

bad thoughts=bad feelings=bad vibration

Good thoughts= Good Feelings= Good Vibration

Just try it today and you will see for yourself


In doing so you will,

Rise above the dark clouds and see the light.

Alexander James.






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