Self-Centeredness or God-Centeredness.

Self-Centeredness or God-Centeredness.
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Self-Centerdness or God-Centeredness.

Which will you choose today?

It is easy for me to ask,

Which one will you choose?

However sometimes we do not even have the power to choose, we will have lost it.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of Self-Centeredness,

So simple indeed.

Without even noticing it in the day we are in we may find ourselves already in Self-Centeredness,

Not even knowing how we got there in the first place.

In these times then,we usually remain snared by the wrath of Self and,

Being under its spell we may tend to do all sorts of crazy,dumb and stupid shit.

No one except us exists in those moments and a lot of the time,

It is not even visible to us at all that we are stuck in Self-Centerdness.

It is however very much felt by those around us and our behaviour is clearly on display for all except us to see.

Blinded by the devastating weakness of Self-Centerdness,

We are indeed in these moments in, what i like to call separation mode.

Separated from God and our fellow Human Beings.

We are unconnected,not at peace at all and just wandering around alone in a desert of Self.

Although it may not feel like that to us at the time,

It is very much so the case.

Others are virtually non existent to us and even though we may be talking and interacting with them.

We are not really there in mind because we are once again captured by Self.

So without any sail or wind to take us back to land or God-Centerdness,

We are heading deeper and deeper into the storm.

How then can we rid ourselves of Self?

Well we cannot unless we become fully enlightened and to be honest i do not know about you but,

I am definitely not there yet and do not know if i ever will be  🙂

I am not saying that it is not possible to become fully enlightened,

For yes there are many who have reached that state.

However for those who are not there yet,

Starting to seek a relationship with God as you understand God,and making a move toward being more,

God-Centered right now,is a great start.

A good way to go about this may be to try develop and cultivate a relationship with a God of your understanding.

If you do not yet have one then there are many ways to seek one out.

Just seek, look and read a lot and the answer cannot but come to you.

Spend time in prayer,silent or aloud,mental or verbal it will not matter really how you do it once you do it.

Each individual will find their own way and it is once again all in the seeking or taking an action toward God,

Whatever that action turns out to be.

Maybe join some groups that promote such a seeking if they suit you.

Meditation is also great and it will help you in your search for God and Peace.

There are so many avenues open there too for for exploration.

You say but what if i do not believe in anything?

Well then that is fine,

If you do not believe in anything then, you do not believe in anything 🙂

Who said you have to believe in something?

Oh wait yeah there are a lot of people who say that,

Never mind i am not one of them.

Let me tell you right now for those who do not believe in anything.

You do not have to believe in anything,

It is not a problem and on top of that.

You can still be open to being God- Centered even if you do not believe in any God.

Sounds nuts right?

Yeah maybe, but it is true.

Hold on wait a minute but,

Dose that not contradict what you have just written?

Well not really because you see the action of turning away from self and trying to get out of Self-Centeredness,

In fact puts you in touch with God or Love both being one and the same thing and starts to take you out of yourself.

This will work for you if you persist at it and it will get you more spiritually connected and help you to become more God-Centered indeed.

These are all just words written for you to be taken as you like and done with as you please.

If you choose to discard the information then right now by all means let it go out of your mind.

If you choose to accept and use it then that is great as well.

I hope this has been of help to you.

I wish you well on your journey.

Much Love,

Alexander James.




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