The Sink Is Calling Now Just Go Do The Dishes.

The Sink Is Calling Now Just Go Do The Dishes.
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The Sink Is Calling Now Just Go Do The Dishes.

Who Me?

Yes You.

Just washing the dishes after dinner or whenever can make you feel a whole lot better even if you haven’t washed many 🙂

You might say yeah but i do not have to wash them if i do not choose to do so,

As i have a dish washing machine.

OK fine smart ass,

Then if you have something that washes them for you, go load it up and switch it on.

Its the action, the movement, you in motion that will change your mindset.

It will be you actually getting up off your ass and doing something that is going to make the difference here.

It changes your mindset,

You know, move a muscle change a thought and all that.

If you do not feel better when your finished doing them then do some more,

Or do something else that will help change the current mood you are in.

Behave childish about it all you want but,

You are not always going to get what you want and you are not always going to feel good you know.

You may want to feel good and get all the time,

However it will not be the case, its just that way it goes.

There will be ups and downs good times and bad times in this life so just go with the flow.

Take the good with the bad and take each day and moment as it comes.

You may feel great a lot of the time but there will always be days and times when you just feel like giving up.

When times like these arise then just do the dishes or whatever else it is you can or need to do, to help you move on and through to victory.

House work will help or getting out for a walk maybe.

Smashing in a punching bag instead of someones face is always a much better option.

Although the face may seem like a better option at the time 🙂

It is a much better idea to go with the bag.

Pounding out some weights at the gym,taking the dog for a walk or doing some yoga may perhaps ease your pain.

Whatever the action is,

Just do something.

An interesting subject to write about after having just washed the dishes myself this evening  🙂

Who knows it may even help you.

Peace Out,

Alexander James.






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