Talking To Yourself Is Great.

Talking To Yourself Is Great.
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Are you talking to yourself again?

Great because that is one of the best things you can do.

Today i found myself talking to myself in the car again.

Praising myself for a few things i have accomplished lately.

When i was doing that.

I suddenly thought.

Oh my god you are so crazy.

Then this musing was quickly replaced by well done my friend well done.

It is really great to be talking to yourself i said.

Really great that you are praising yourself and acknowledging what you have accomplished.

I feel that it is very important to talk to myself.

To motivate myself daily even though most of the time i do not notice when am doing it.

One million different people could tell me one million different things about me,but for some strange reason

When i tell myself something about me,or i praise myself there is just something that sticks and i tend to remember it much easier.

The moral of today’s story is talk to yourself as much and as often as you can.

Deeply praise and love yourself because at the end of the day.

You are really the only person that you can count on.

You need to be able to count on yourself.

Just do it 🙂


Alexander James



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