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The Breath

The Breath
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Sit still they say,

I have heard many times over the years.Watch your breath, observe it let it quieten your mind,yes this works absolutely when done correctly and is great for those moments.What also works is when feeling hurried,angered or stressed out with someone.Is to in that moment try to observe the others breath. Watch the rising and falling of their chest and know that in that moment you are not doing that.

You are not making that happen,for how could you be keeping the breath of life moving in or out of them.In the observation of this you will become calm and relaxed, for there is something very human about watching another person just breathing and living and doing whatever it is they are doing at that time.This will greatly lessen the anger or distress you may have been experiencing prior to the moment you had started the observation and in turn  will dispel the negative emotional experience and bring calm.

We are all human and when this starts to be observed more then the greater the Peace will be.


© Alexander James


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