Try To Remember To Also Give Back.

Try To Remember To Also Give Back.
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Try To Remember To Also Give Back.

A lot of the time for us it can be all about taking.

Take,take,take,take take,but then giving nothing.

What about the giving?

Where has that gone to?

I have found that in the last year or so,

That to give of oneself more and more makes one much happier.

At least that has been my experience and by no means am i perfect in any way shape or form.

Nor would i like to be perfect because i feel that if i were as white as the driven snow.

Then there would be nothing left for me to be working on anymore.

Nothing for me to have to get better at or improve on,

Life would then become boring i think.

Giving has become extremely important for me as there needs to be a balance in ones life.

Call or look at it however you like,

The color black and white,up and down or in and out.

I could go on and on and on but i think you get the picture.

There needs to be balance.

So when there is taking,

Then there needs to be giving also.

The other way around is also OK as long as they both remain present.

While you travel around in this physical body that you call home for now 🙂

Just try to remember that you are not alone here.

Pick your head up and look around you for a second,

Instead of being stuck in your  mobile phone all day.

You will see there are many more people here on this planet besides you.

There is a lot happening within you on a daily basis of course, but there is also a lot happening outside of you as well.

So try to be a little more aware as you go about your day today.

Try tuning into what is going on and try to focus on giving of yourself more.

While in the process forgetting about yourself even more than that 🙂

A little can go a long way and giving can come to stay.

If you allow it to take root and become so.

Much Love People,


Alexander James.





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