You Will Only Get Out That Which You Put In.

You Will Only Get Out That Which You Put In.
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You Will Only Get Out That Which You Put In.

Maximum Effort Required.

Every minute of every day in everything you do full stop.

Then at the end of each task completed, you can say OK.

I have done everything in my power and all i can do on my part ,i have given it my all today.

Then and only then are you done.

I currently speak three languages and i am in the process of learning my fourth one right now.

So i find the title of this post very fitting to my learning that new language also.

I will really only get out that which i put in.

If i expect anything else, then i am most definitely delusional in that moment,or any other moment in which my thinking remains so.

If i give it my all in everything i do and practice, every day to the best of my ability,

In that which i am able to do or learn,it will be worth it to me in the end and i can then most definitively expect to reap at harvest time.

I will know deep within that i have tried my best that day, and i will usually feel a sense of accomplishment having done the things i have needed to, not always but most of the time i will feel satisfied.

If however i just lounge around fucking about and write a letter here and there or maybe learn one sentence a day if i am able to do much more than that.

Then as sure as i am sitting here writing this now i will not make much progress at all.

I have had so much experience in the area of procrastination that,i can assure you the above statement is true one hundred times over 🙂

Progress not Perfection of course.

If i am only able to learn that one sentence a day and once i have given it my all in the day i am in,

When i can do no more then that,

Great, then i will have done my best that day.

If however i have not and i am lying to myself then i need to get ready because i will be fighting a losing battle.

We will not always be able to get everything done today but,once you do what you can do in the day you are in then that its good enough.

You have probably all heard the saying,

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Well that is very true.

In the martial arts community you may hear that a black belt is just a white belt that never gave up.

So i challenge you today to never give up,

To not give in and to keep going,to keep fighting no matter what,

You can and will do it if you remain persistent.

You will overcome any obstacle you face.

Some will be able to do more than others and that is all good each to their own.

Focus on what you can do, not on what you cannot and forget about whatever the fuck it is they are doing.

At the end of the day it dose not matter what they do.

They, will do what they will do and you need to remain focused on what you need to do.

It really is as simple as that.

I would also challenge you right now to be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself the questions each day.

Am i doing my best?

Am i doing enough?

Do i need to do more?

If you answer these questions honestly for and to yourself, then you will start to grow.

So often we hide from ourselves and so today i want you to practice becoming transparent.

What is transparency?

You may ask.

A window is usually transparent or at least the regular ones anyway.

You are able to see through it right?

So in the same way you also need to be transparent.

Not only with others but with yourself.

By doing this you will start to grow as well.

I am not saying to reveal everything to everyone.

Some things need not be divulged to others.

Once you know what they are it will be good enough.

Get to know yourself.

If you want something in this life and you do not have it.

Then it is usually because you have not taken the action toward getting what it is that you want.

It may be a lack of Mind Action ( Visualization )


Physical Action ( You doing fucking nothing to get that thing you want )

Maybe a mixture or lack of both.

Some examples could be……..

If i want a new car.

Then i need to take action toward getting that new car.

This may mean working extra shifts in my job or doing whatever is necessary to attain that which i seek.

If you want to be fluent in the new language then, you need to put in the practice and effort into becoming fluent in that new language.

Otherwise more likely than not you will fail.

As i was learning today all this stuff just sprung to mind and so i had some more inspiration to write it here,

So thats whats up with this post.

I will tell you though that during writing it i could have quit numerous times.

As after a while i felt like giving up.

It would have been so easy for me to give up.

However me giving up would not have helped you the readers ,nor would it have helped me the writer.

I hope you are all able to understand what i am driving at here.

I get a buzz from sharing all of this stuff with you.

It makes me very happy and hopefully you will take some nuggets of knowledge away with you after reading this.

That you will find helpful and applicable to your own lives.

What is it you want in your life?

Get that clear vision and work hard toward it.

As someone else said somewhere,sometime ago 🙂

Without A Vision The People Will Perish.

That is not a joke.

It is fucking fact.

Is it that new muscular body, that ripped look you are going for.

If so then eat right and get yourself into the the right mindset and you will most certainly attain that which you seek.

Providing you take the action and remain persistent.

Maybe the work you need to do is,

That you need to find a personal trainer or get a diet plan.

Maybe you need to watch motivational videos to get in the zone.

I have no idea that is up to you.

The bottom line is whatever you want in this life that is going to be worthwhile,

Will usually require hard work dedication,research,trial and error.

Then more trial and error followed up with maybe another few things until you figure it out.

However with persistent effort of mind and body on your part,

Along with the vision and the feeling of already having attained that which you now seek,

You will most definitely bring it to pass.

You could also say,

As Within So Without.

The Universal Laws are very precise.

They do not fail nor could they.

If you want Perfect Health then start to feel perfect healthy,

Of course like anything this will usually require maximum effort of mind,

If you are not yet used to using your mind.

I once met a man who had lost a good number of kilograms.

When i asked him, how did you do it?

He said point blank

I fucked the frying pan into the bin 🙂

Now i do not know if he did that in a literal sense, but i sure understand what he meant with that statement.

I have written enough for now.

So just get down to business people.

Work,Work,Work and then some 🙂

I will finish up this post by saying.

Just do what you need to do in the day you are in,

In order to get what it is you want,

If you follow this you will be fine.

Also comments are greatly welcomed so if you have any please leave a message and let me know how you are getting on.

Much Love.


Alexander James

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