You Are Being Molded And Shaped.

You Are Being Molded And Shaped.
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Your Being Molded And Shaped.

OK so i have been sitting in front of the computer now for a while and whilst doing some work a thought sprung to mind.

You need to write about what it is you are doing right now.

So here we are,

I am doing just that and if you are here.

Then hopefully you are reading it which is Great.

I wish it to be of Great benefit to you.

I hope i am providing you with valuable content which you will be able to put into practical application in your lives.

I hope it feeds your mind for good and i really mean that.

Now here we go.

The title of this post,

You Are Being Molded And Shaped,

Came about while i have been working on various different projects that, i have going on at the moment.

It really applies to many things in life.

The way i look at it is.

There are ups and downs in life right?

Good and Bad and we all go through different things at different times.

We are being Molded and Shaped by our life experiences daily, sometimes growing which is Great.

Sometimes though we find ourselves regressing backwards and that is OK too, once we are aware of it and quickly correct our course.

If however we do not,

In my experience it usually means troubled or choppy waters ahead.

Basically the outcome is usually not good.

We need to always keep moving forwards no matter how slow or haltingly that may be.

It is better to move forward swiftly if possible but sometimes slowly works too.

For when we are moving forward we have a chance.

If however we are moving backwards then in my experience it is not a good place to be.

My view is we are usually either growing or dying and i use these terms also in order to get you to think.

Are you growing today or are you dying?

Before you answer that.

Yes i know we are all physically dying from the moment we are born up until the day we actually die and that is of course inevitable .

What i am talking about though,

Is about what you are doing in your life right now.

Are you growing in it or are you dying?

It can be a relationship you are in right now.

Is it growing or is it dying?

Are you growing or dying in the relationship?

It will always be answered by one or the other.

Is the business you are in growing or dying?

It will always be one or the other again.

Growing or dying.

Whenever we will apply the sentence,

Are you growing or are you dying?

To whatever it is we need to apply it to.

We will see that it has the power to change our focus and mental state.

Usually straight away and bring into context for us what we will need to see in each situation.

In each moment we are in.

I love this and it has helped me so much in my life that i really wanted to share it with you all.

Through your whole life,

You Are Being Molded And Shaped.

So just ask yourself today.

Am I,




Am I,



Alexander James.

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